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Introducing “Kofinas Events”- private and business boutique events up to 100 people in the peaceful, pastoral Zur Moshe’s green area. In the event, you’ll enjoy a colorful, creative Italian Mediterranean chef menu, customized to your needs and preferences and made from prime ingredients. Our event manager will escort you personally and professionally from planning to the last guest, while concentrating on every detail. Beyond the event space, the guests will be able to enjoy Kofinas’ nostalgic room, which includes nostalgic objects, exciting memories and historic photos from Zur Moshe’s first settlement days.



Kofinas private room

Boutique events up to 18 people in a private, impressive designed room. The separate location guarantees an intimate event, which also includes a creative, meticulous chef menu and the escort of a personal event manager. The private room is equipped for screening videos, presentations and more.


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