Our story

Welcome to Kofinas, the place where rich, bubbly Italian Mediterranean bistro meets Zur Moshe’s peace and magic. The restaurant was founded on the settlement’s nostalgic coffee shop ruins and carefully renovated to preserve its authenticity to this day.


Kofinas’ versatile menu is based on the local and Mediterranean cuisine: excellent pasta, creative handmade taboon- baked pizza, unique fish dishes and prime meats. All dishes are made from fresh local ingredients, from the Sharon fields’ vegetables to the cheese which come from a near boutique dairy farm.


Beyond the culinary experience, you’ll be able to enjoy the fascinating historic story of Zur Moshe at the restaurant’s museum space, which includes antiques, authentic reading materials and nostalgic pictures which tell the unique story of the place.


The harmonic combination of ambiance, peace, personal treatment and above all, the amazing taste, turns Kofinas to a place where you’ll want to come back again and again, whether for a rich breakfast, pleasant noon break or a fun night out.